The Along Came A Writer Show

Along CameA Writer with Nonfiction Author/Publisher/Speaker Athena Dean Holtz

September 1, 2020

Author, publisher, pastor’s wife and Always Faithful radio host, Athena Dean Holtz, has been speaking to groups, large and small, for over 30 years. Her passion is to see believers come to a place ofunderstanding the undeniable faithfulness of God, no matter how difficult our circumstances might be. Her background of coming out of the deception involved in a spiritually abusive church environment, combined with her years of ministry to wives of Vietnam veterans and other trauma survivors who’ve suffered with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, gives Athena a unique perspective. Her own struggles and quest to heal in an authentic way has equipped her with an enormous capacity for compassion and empathy, along with scriptural answers to the struggles we face when we’ve been hurt by others. Early in 2014, she was asked to return to publishing in the Seattle area and co-founded Redemption Press, where she leads a team of industry professionals to empower Christian authors to find their voice and connect with their audience. Her 35 years founding and developing four successful companies (including one of the most successful Christian publishing companies) also gives her additional resources to offer different groups.

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